Indeed to Release Giant for a Day Double IPA as New Core Beer to Portfolio

Indeed Brewing Company is introducing a new core beer to its lineup. Giant for a Day Double IPA is a limited release that will be available in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin in March and April.

In beer years, a double IPA is ancient. Older, wiser, and, dare we say, better, Giant for a Day Double IPA dips into the rosy depths of nostalgia to create a familiar, friendly beast of a beer— one to sip on while making tall tales even taller. Drawing from the magnificence of the mighty redwoods, which grow at a slow and stately pace but are constantly in upward motion, GFAD taps into the roots of craft brewing while launching us forward. 

“When we first began talking about making a Double IPA, we all started reminiscing about the first time we tried our favorite DIPAs—Hopslam, Abrasive, Enjoy By, Pliny the Elder—and how much the DIPA nostalgia mirrored the time which we first fell in love with craft beer. I think a lot of us have moved to drinking more Pilsner and Pale Ales, but we got excited about making a DIPA again,” says Ryan Bandy, Sales Director, Indeed Brewing Company. “Giant for a Day is West Coast in style—bright and bitter, loaded with one of our favorite old-school hops (Simcoe) combined with a massive dry hop of new-school hops that we’ve been digging (Lotus and Idaho 7). We hope you grab a six-pack and reminisce about craft beer memories while drinking a fresh DIPA.” 

Giant for a Day features artwork by local Minneapolis artist Chuck U. “We wanted the brand and can art to lend itself to how ‘big’ of a beer was inside all while being inviting and evoking charm and nostalgia at the same time,” says Andy Kiekhafer, Creative Director, Indeed Brewing Company. “Giant for a Day double IPA is our uplifting, friendly, reminder that life’s big moments are what matter most.”

The Goods

  • Malt: Pale Ale, Flaked Wheat
  • Hops: Simcoe, Lotus, Idaho 7
  • Yeast: A15 
  • Special Ingredients: Dextrose

The Stats

  • ABV: 9%
  • IBU: 60

The Experience

  • Visual: Lightly hazy golden
  • Aroma: Heady pine, dank, grapefruit, and candied citrus abound
  • Taste: Simple malt base that lets the hop flavor shine: orange, pine, dank, etc.
  • Mouthfeel: Warming alcohol, medium-bodied, dry finish

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