Great Divide Makes a Splash with Whitewater Craft Hard Seltzer

Fans of carefully and creatively crafted adult beverages will not be disappointed by the latest release from Great Divide Brewing Co. Whitewater Craft Hard Seltzer will significantly increase the scope of the brewery’s portfolio, hitting shelves next week in a variety 12-pack featuring four flavors: Mango + Ginger, Pomegranate + Lime, Ruby Red Grapefruit, and Wild Berry. 

“Whitewater will be crisp, refreshing and taste like real fruit,” explained Great Divide Founder and President, Brian Dunn. “We’re excited to meet the demand for seltzer with a product we’re proud to serve and drink.” 

After several taste panels and in-house ingredient mixology, the Great Divide brewing team honed in on a seltzer that would showcase real yet subtle flavor and be dry while slightly sweet. The end result is gluten-free, all-natural with low carbs and zero sugar. 

“One of the big things for how our seltzer and process stand out is the dedication to making a clean and crisp backbone,” explained Innovation Brewer, Tony Rau. “The timeline to dial in the production side of Whitewater, from fermentation through flavorings, was a meticulous process that our teams deliberated over. With it being such a neutral product like a pilsner, there is nothing to mask any unwanted flavors and no room for error. The end result speaks for itself: an incredibly clean and smooth beverage with potent, natural flavors shining.” 

The Whitewater Craft Hard Seltzer variety 12-pack will be available year-round and the brewery’s taprooms will rotate through new and experimental flavors on draft. Mango + Ginger will also be available in 19.2oz cans later this month. 

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