FILTEC To Introduce New Empty Bottle Inspector, OMNIVISION 4 with INTELLECT, at Drinktec 2022 in Munich

FILTEC, one of the world’s leading providers of in-line inspection solutions for the food, beverage, consumer goods, and pharmaceutical industries will debut its new Empty Bottle Inspection solution, OMNIVISION 4 with INTELLECT, at Drinktec 2022 in Munich, Germany. The innovative solution gives manufacturers the ability to assure product quality and production line analytics by inspecting glass and refillable bottles for damages, defects, and contaminants. Drinktec attendees can stop by Hall B5 Stand 314 and experience Filtec’s innovative inspection solutions from September 12-16, 2022, at the Exhibition Centre Munich.

Watch a video of the OMNIVISON 4 with INTELLECT

OMNIVISION 4 with INTELLECT – Enhanced Inspection of Glass and RefPET bottles
The Filtec OMNIVISION 4 with INTELLECT (OV4) combines the benefits of current empty bottle inspection technologies with Filtec’s unique Intellect platform, providing best-in-class inspection performance and user-friendly operation. The Intellect platform automatically monitors the product packaging process to inspect container quality throughout the production process thus providing manufacturers valuable intelligence.

Omnivision 4 with Intellect
Omnivision 4 with Intellect

Key features of the OV4 are:

  • The power of the Intellect control platform provides an intuitive user interface, data analytics, factory connectivity, and more
  • Simple and cost-effective integration into existing production lines
  • Quick change over in less than 5 minutes with built-in storage
  • Unobstructed, 360° Outer Sidewall inspection
  • Superior image quality
  • No back pressure or complex line controls

OV4 with Intellect Terminal
The OV4 runs on the Intellect platform

Other inspection solutions from FILTEC that will be demonstrated at Drinktec Hall B5 Stand 314 include:

VISION PRESSURE: 3D Scanning Module Inspects Pressure and Vacuum
Filtec’s Vision Pressure solution (Auratec) is an intelligent and reliable system that provides true and consistent pressure, vacuum, and leak detection with three-dimensional views of the container. This prevents false rejects due to alignment. Self-correcting algorithms maintain accurate inspection despite variances. Multiple adaptive algorithms evaluate 3D image data in real time at speeds in excess of 1,200 CPM.

VISION EMPTY CAN INSPECTION: Highly Configurable Vision Machine Detects Flaws in Empty Cans
FILTEC provides an unmatched ability to detect defects in the flange, inner sidewalls, and base of empty cans. This solution reduces downtime and increases production line efficiency by reducing jams at the filler and seamer. The system has a compact machine footprint that is easy to install and will easily integrate into existing production lines.

FILTEC REMOTE VISION INSPECTION: Compact and Flexible Vision Inspection Solution
Filtec’s Remote Vision Inspection solutions (RVI) can solve many of your inspection needs in a compact and economical package . RVI integrates with the Intellect Inspection platform to create powerful Quality Assurance inspection solutions for most food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, or personal care product lines. RVI solutions support a broad range of quality inspection applications, including date code presence, bottle closure, simple label Inspection, fill level inspection, and many more.

FILTEC offers best-in-class machine vision capabilities for inspection of bottles and cans on high-speed lines. These solutions not only detect low fill, high fill, and all typical cap defects, but also informs the operator about the cause of the problem by giving them detailed statistics about the performance of the filler valves and capper heads. A sampling feature for quality control is also included. The Ethernet Interface permits the connection via OMAC/Weihenstephan protocol to a SCADA Server. These Vision solutions are highly integrated and include the ability to inspect for labels, barcodes/date codes, branding, and more.

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