Creating Unique Experiences to Put ‘Butts in Seats’

Some people just like to come and drink a beer, but bringing in a different type of clientele can be important on some nights when the casual crowd just isn’t enough.

For Castle Island Brewing, Kate Feder said leaning into what’s been hot right now has helped garner some new faces that came once and kept coming back.

“Lately, we’ve had huge success with themed trivia nights,” she said. “When Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour came to Boston, we hosted Taylor Swift trivia and had our most successful Monday night of all time.

“These themed nights have also brought in new faces that we’re now seeing as repeat customers.”

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Trivia does work, added The Alementary’s Blake Crawford, but the topic of the trivia determines overall success event-to-event.

The Hackensack, New Jersey brewery finds niches that are underutilized in their area and makes them themed nights to help bring in a certain audience.

“‘Nerd’ events with a very focused fanbase also work well,” he noted. “For example, we connected with a local company that sells plastic models related to Japanese anime called ‘Gundam.’

“People are crazy fans of this stuff, so we host build nights where they bring in their models and drink beer and put things together. It gets more butts in seats, but also greatly assists the community.”

Live music, as well, Crawford said always draws a crowd, specifically if the talent is popular enough to bring in people.  

“Comedy nights have never worked for us,” he pointed out.

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