Cover Story Notebook: Hi-Wire’s Rebranding Effort

Be on the lookout for the May/June 2020 print edition of Brewer Magazine, now heading to your mailbox. In the issue you will see our cover story with Hi-Wire Brewing‘s Adam Charnack and Chris Frosaker, who launched the brewery in Asheville by taking a turn-key facility and building upon it with Lagers as a focus. Now the brewery is stretched across multiple states with taprooms in four spots, including two in Asheville.

The expansion efforts and bringing the brand’s look into focus on shelves became a concern a few years back and the duo worked with Creative Director Javier Bolea as the brewery switched from bottles to cans to give the company a new look.

“Javier really had a vision of making our brand more modern and more simple, yet very eye-catching,” Frosaker said. “We kind of had a circus scene going with our core products while our one-off products were totally different.

“He definitely wanted to kind of marry those two together. It’s all very cohesive now.”

Hi-Wire now has a stripe racing through to help all the cans look like each other in a cooler.

“You can all tell they’re different but you can tell they’re all part of the same brand family,” Frosaker said. “It was Javier’s vision. He saw it in his mind and he was really adamant about big bold letters, big readability.

“Everything right in front of the can and having it all kind of meshed together stylistically and color-wise.”

With so many breweries in the country it’s more important than ever to be able to stand out on the shelf.

“I think Javi nailed it,” Frosaker said. “We are eye-catching without being crazy. We’re to the point where there’s nothing to hide behind. It is what it is. You can tell it’s Hi-Wire, yet it’s still kind of fun, exciting, and eye-catching.”

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