Tips on Charital Collaborations and Community Support

​Double Nickel​ collaborated with Cape May, Tonewood and Urban Village ​to brew and sell a beer​ called Friendsgiving,​ of which 100​ percent​ of the proceeds will go to local charities​.

​”It’s our way of turning a little creativity, community and collaboration into support for local organizations working to help food families,” said Double Nickel’s John Dalsey.

Dave Goldman at Urban Village​ said he was excited to be working with other breweries from the area for this initiative.

“I think from a marketing perspective all of our respective customers may get introduced to the other three breweries by way of this project and that’s an amazing opportunity,” Goldman said. “We have a lot of respect for the other three breweries that are part of this project.”

​The Hazy IPA’s grain bill ​was settled ​over beers at Urban Village​, explained​ ​Chris Henke of Cape May​.

“The hops were decided on the day of brewing since every brewery brought 88 pounds in a ‘potluck’ style, with no one knowing what the other breweries were bringing​,” he said​. ​”​We lucked out that the combination worked perfectly together, so we came up with a hopping regiment that focused on whirlpool and dry-hop additions.”

​Goldman added that after the meeting at Urban Village, the breweries all started contacting suppliers to see if they wanted to get on board and, much to their surprise, every single one of Urban Village’s suppliers immediately signed up to donate materials and ingredients.

“This, I believe, is the most unique part of this collaboration: it’s not just brewers who got involved, but also members of a larger community that includes suppliers, wholesalers and retailers,” Goldman said. “Their involvement has raised the donation potential of this beer by a considerable amount.”

The beer was brewed at Double Nickel​, so the brand is distributed through Double Nickel’s wholesalers​.​

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