Cider Corner: What’s Your Brand’s Customer Loyalty Strategy?

Bend Cider‘s marketing strategy isn’t so much a strategy, per se. Instead​, co-founder Tamara Roark​ said​ it’s about sharing other passions through cider.

“We like to hike so we share our hiking adventures (with cider) to our cider fans,” she told Brewer. “We love supporting music in our community, so we sponsor festivals.

“We don’t necessarily do it to ‘get ahead,’ although it does help spread the word about our product. We do it because we like having our community be a part of it all.”

Roark finds it important to connect with the greater community and make it not just about themselves but about giving back.

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“Supporting conservation and the arts are things that are important to us and help spotlight good and beautiful things happening in our world,” she said.

The Oregon cidery’s long-term strategy is to bring awareness to all the wonderful things the place Roark and the Bend staff lives have to offer.

“We want people to drink cider and enjoy it too,” she said. “If people care about the things around them, we hope they will want to take care of it and support it also.”

Outside of the liquid in the glass, there are ways to expand on capturing a new consumer or holding the attention of a current fan.

  • Events: Be it having the ability to host a music show, flea market, charity events, or trying something new, being that local connector to your consumer base in your home market can be pivotal. While these events don’t always say “craft cider” from an outside point of view — there is a crossover in demographics that can be great for your brand.
  • Artwork: The look of your canned and bottled products needs to differentiate itself in the market and help define brand identity and brand loyalty.
  • Awards: Utilize local and uncommon ingredients and seek regional and national competitions along with building critiques from the beverage press and media to help build your reputation.
  • Being Social: In a time where customer service overall can be daunting and lacking across the board — and marketing professionals wear multiple hats that can stretch them thin — customer service is paramount. Posting accurate and up-to-date information on your social media, website, and marketing emails is a big help. Give people clear and concise, relevant information, and respond to as many inquiries as possible. Show customers that you care about their thoughts, questions, and concerns.

Photo courtesy Bend Cider Co.

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