Cider Corner: Is it Time to Look at Expansions?

There are three things on the mind of Jon Moore and the Broad Street Cider team right now.

“[It’s] cost, cost, and do we need it,” the co-owner of the New Orleans cidery said.

With the pandemic tightening the purse strings of cideries across the country, the thought of expansions and additions to grow a brand probably have been put on hold.

The thought of making additional expansions has been pushed back for Lost Valley Cider, said Stuart Rudolph, the Managing Director for the Milwaukee-based facility.

Expansion plans included adding a walk-in cooler and other operational efficiencies to the taproom.

“[But] those have been put on hold until we see where demand will settle out,” he said.

Moore bluntly added that anyone in their right mind should be thinking about controlled contraction.

“What space can you sublet? When is your lease up, can you renegotiate with your landlord,” he asked. “Is there a better space you have your eye on?”

Continuing to have your eyes and ears open and responding accordingly may help assess situations while either keeping or possibly growing your brand.

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