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Barley & Hops Craft Candles, LLC
Custom craft brew scented candles.
Barley and Hops Craft Candles are poured with a completely green apricot kernel wax blend. 100% green and clean! The wicks are manufactured in Germany and provide a natural soot free burn. Our fragrances are blended in house and are the best of the best. You can taste the quality in your favorite beer and now you can smell it from your favorite candlemaker.
Brew Candles
Brewers Advisory Group
Brewers Advisory Group
Experience based consulting expertise to help craft brewers solve problems, build value in the business and if desired, exit the business and enjoy the rewards
Brewers Advisory Group specializes in helping craft breweries solve problems and take advantage of business opportunities. We have extensive experience in the business of craft beer. Our goal is to help you be successful. Services specific to craft brewers’ needs include:

Sales & Distributor Management
Mentoring Talented People
Meeting Challenges and Opportunities
Financial Advisory Services - Mergers and Acquisitions
Helping International Breweries Navigate the U.S. Market
For international breweries, our purpose is to maximize the opportunity for your beer brands to achieve their full potential in the complex and competitive United States marketplace.

Industry Expertise for Private Equity Firms, Research Organizations & Attorneys Brewers Advisory Group provides expert advice on beer industry trends, craft beer market dynamics, valuations, and other key issues in the beer industry.

We have the deep industry knowledge required to serve as an expert witness, offering opinions related to brewery/wholesaler litigation.

For consulting and financial firms, we can serve as an outside resource in our areas of expertise.
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EKS CNC Machining Metal Processing Company
Metal Machining manufacturer China EKS Precision Industry Company specializing in services: metal parts machining, casting, stamping, MIM, assembling, etc.
EKS CNC Machining Metal Processing Company is a profession hardware supplier and manufacturer in China, specialized in R&D and manufacturing metal parts, including machining parts, die casting parts, stamping parts, stamping parts, precision parts. Moreover, EKS also offers mold making service, metal injection mold service (MIM). Metal parts manufactured by EKS have been widely applied in machinery, auto, defense, hardware manufacturing, electronic parts, medical parts, etc. All of metal parts should pass through strict inspection of our quality control department so that our metal products can meet high requirements of customers. For more information, please visit:
EX Plastic Injection Mould Co.,Ltd
China plastic mold maker EX Plastic Injection Mold Making Company provides competitive injection mold manufacturing, plastic mold making services.
EX Plastic Injection Molding Company provides professional injection molding service include Tool Design & Build, High Speed CNC Machining, Wire EDM, Conventional EDM, Injection mold construction, Mold try-out, Mold refurbishing, repair and maintenance, Machined components, Rework of existing components, Injection molding production.

EX Plastic Injection Molding Company is ISO 9001 :2008 Compliant, which is the highest standard recognized in the Aerospace Industry. Our team of project managers, engineers, and support personnel are industry experts and committed to delivering the highest quality product with the most competitive price in the industry.
EX Plastic Injection Mould Co.,Ltd
Graphic House, Inc
Graphic House, Inc
Graphic House provides unique signage solutions for a diverse set of industries.
Graphic House is the leading custom signage company in Wausau, Wisconsin. From exterior signage to wayfinding signs, we can accommodate any size project. Our in-house design team brings our clients’ vision for their business to life. Check out our portfolio on our website today and inquire today!
Custom signage
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