How Breweries Find Their Story

Everyone that has opened a craft brewery has their own story. Fine tuning it and relating it is a major aspect in developing not just the branding and culture of the facility but showcasing that story to consumers as well.

“We started with a focus on defining who we were, what we were about, why we were starting a brewery, and then figured out why others should care,” said Creature Comforts co-founder and CEO Chris Herron. “It is important in craft to have an authentic story that people can relate to and that they can connect to in some way.

“In craft, consumers are likely to meet the owners, or at least they feel a connection to them through social media or other mediums, and as such the brand should feel reflective of the people behind it or it will feel unauthentic.”

Tera Spohr, the Marketing Director for Mad River said that the California brewery markets its time spent in the industry and being hands on and using a hand crafted approach to brewing.

Mad River bottling line 800x300

“We brewed on Sierra Nevada’s original system by stirring each 17-barrel batch by hand up until last year,” she said about the brewery that opened in 1989. “We haven’t deviated much from our story since we only have more time behind us and we have withstood a lot of peaks and valleys for the industry.

“We have a consistent medal-winning product despite new entrants to the market.”

Herron said because Creature Comforts started with a deep understanding of its values and mission as a brewery is hasn’t had to work on re-defining the brand.

“It has not changed as our core beliefs, values, and mission have not changed,” he said.

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