Brew Kettle to Get More Exposure at Major League Park

the brew kettle

Although previously available in the ballpark through a self-service machine, The Brew Kettle is increasing its presence at Cleveland Indians baseball games this year with its own stand, serving beer and food from the Strongsville, Ohio brewpub.

The Indians announced last week that along with The Brew Kettle, fellow Cleveland-area brewery Fat Head’s will also join the fold. Additionally, a new beer garden featuring Great Lakes Brewing will be installed near the main Progressive Field team shop. All of this is a part of a renovation project going on for the major league squad and is part of a second phase which includes a dozen local restaurants at the ballpark.

For The Brew Kettle executive Vice President Mark Bivenour it’s an exciting time for the brewpub and “brew-your-own” brewery. He said that founder Chris Russo has worked with the Indians in the past to put something like this in place.

“It’s a chance for small local companies to have an opportunity to put themselves on the map,” Bivenour said. “And that’s how we saw it. It’s a great opportunity for us, and to support the people of Cleveland and give them a product they like and want and to also support the community where we all benefit.”

The Brew Kettle will offer some of its signature beers including “Four C’s” Pale Ale; IPAs “White Rajah” and “Black Rajah”; “Big Woody” Lager, “Summer Rays” Wit, and and “Kitka” Stout. Consumers will also be able to buy the brewpub’s Wisconsin Burger, a smoked pork burger.

Fat Head’s will offer beer along with its famous “Headwiches.”

The beer garden from Great Lakes will have up to 10 beers available at all times. There will also be an extended brewing of Rally Drum Red Ale, in honor of the Indians, available through August.

BrewKettle2The Brew Kettle opened a second location in Amherst, Ohio in December and with a new brewery on the way in Strongsville, Bivenour said that the 10,000 barrels The Brew Kettle produced in 2015 could move up to 18,000 this year with a capacity of 35-40,000 in the future. Only available in Ohio right now, Bivenour added that distribution back into Kentucky is possible as well.

This isn’t the first venture The Brew Kettle has made with larger corporations. It is brewing a new beer in May for the debut of Cedar Point’s newest roller coaster, “Valravn.” That will be the fifth beer available at the amusement park made by the brewery. It also produces a beer in honor of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers called “All For One” IPA.

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