Why a Brand Refresh Came at the Right Time for Baxter Brewing

​Baxter Brewing kicked off 2020 with ​what Communications Manager Tony Grassi called a ‘historic​’​ rebrand​ effort.

​The Lewiston, Maine brewery focused on putting the brand’s value back into focus with the refresh back then and it’s helping through the ​pandemic to connect with consumers from afar, if needed. That meant creating a ‘family of brand’ look while revamping the individualistic look to each beer package, bug not enough to confuse a consumer.

​”Our individual can art had grown louder than our brand as a whole,” Grassi said. “We needed to bring value to the end consumer and encourage our business partners to keep our brands together so our customers could find us.”

Although Baxter continues to take creative liberties with the artwork and playfulness on its limited releases, the core lineup reflects a universal high-quality that goes into all of Baxter’s beer.

​”With our recent rebrand, the objective was to put the brand first,” Grassi said. “We created cohesion among our packaging which sets the standard for where we go stylistically with our entire portfolio.

“We want to convey what makes us distinctly Maine, hence the Baxter State Park ridgeline and the brand backstories that adorn every can.”

Translating that now to online shopping or even a consumer quickly scanning a beer shelf can translate into sales. Making sure the brand is recognizable along with informative is vital. ​

​”​In a market where nuance counts we recognized early on the need to bring our customers an online experience rich in background and information​,” Grassi explained about the brewery’s look online, both at its website and through social channels.

At the same time, ​Grassi added that Baxter want​s​ the experience to be personable​ as well.

“Our brand messages tend to be plain and direct​,” he said. ​”​We are constantly working and evolving to balance an online presence that is equal parts informative and relatable​.”​

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