An Economical Way to Add Life to Your Labels

If you are the typical brewery, you are always looking for ways to get your products noticed either in a retail setting or sold from a taproom cooler. An interesting label that sets you apart from the competition will get your brew noticed and goes a long way to expanding your audience. As much as we hate to admit it, many times a label will make the difference in what a consumer chooses.

While there are many ways to create impressive looking labels, like using metallic papers and exotic label materials, they tend to be expensive. And breweries are always looking to keep their label price at the magic “less than $0.10/label” threshold. Right?

Weber Packaging recently started helping breweries use a simple, economical process to make their labels stand out. It might even get your customers to play with your label and show others.

It’s called Cast & Cure. It’s a cost-effective in-line process that creates a shiny reflective area on your label using UV coating and a specialty film. And it doesn’t really add much to your basic label cost.

The Cast and Cure process utilizes a specialty film with a micro-embossed holographic pattern. A UV coating is applied to the label and the film is sandwiched over the top of the sheet. This film and label sandwich then runs through the UV dryer and is cured. The film is rewound, leaving the holographic effect on the sheet. You can have it appear on specific areas of your label to create a three-dimensional effect that appears as your label catches the light. 

As you can see from the photo, the pattern is applied in a masked area on the label creating the illusion. After your artist creates the label artwork, they then need to create a mask to signify where you want the special pattern to be seen. There is a large selection of patterns to choose from, going from subtle to wild. See a video of the art in motion HERE.

Cast & Cure has fast become a very economical way to upgrade your labels, giving them more shelf appeal. This eye-catching process has many sustainable benefits also:

  • It is environmentally friendly — there is no laminate left on the label, the UV coating can be recyclable, the casting film is reusable and recyclable.
  • It’s an economical alternative to holographic foil.
  • Less material and energy is used as compared to foil stamping.

The next time you want to have one of your beverages stand out and get noticed, try getting a quote for adding Cast & Cure to your next label printing. It might make all the difference in the world.

Weber Packaging Solutions has been helping customers with their label and labeling system needs for over 90 years. Visit for more information or check us out at CBC2024.

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