How 7 Seas Plans for the Long Term

​7 Seas Brewing right on the waterfront? Makes sense to Mike Runion.

The president and co-founder of the nearly decade-old brewery in Gig Harbor, Washington, 7 Seas is making a big move just a small ways away. With their long-term future uncertain in their current location in downtown Gig Harbor — the brewery’s home for the past seven years — it set its sights in on finding a long-term home.

With a project completion date expected to arrive in 2020, this coming year sees the brewery moving a few hundred yards away from its current location to secure its position on the waterfront.

​So Runion and his team partnered with the property owner for a long-term build-to-suit arrangement.​

​”​We knew that there would be future redevelopment of our current site in Gig Harbor,” he said. “We wanted to be sure to secure a site ahead of time and ideally one that reflected our brand. What better than 7 Seas Brewing on the waterfront?!”

​The new location will mostly reflect ​its current operations in Gig Harbor, ​with a ​family-friendly ​taproom where ​consumers are encouraged to bring in ​their own food with no TVs ​around to help encourage​ conversation.

​”​We responded to our customers feedback and will be offering both a family-friendly area and a 21-​plus​ area in the new location,” Runion said.​

Preparing for inevitable timeline setbacks is always important, he added.

“You certainly get more realistic and prepared for these types of openings with experience,” he noted. “There will always be surprises no matter how much you anticipate too. [Just] stay calm.”

​Runion said that they expect that redevelopment of the entire complex ​the current brewhouse is in ​will happen after ​the brewery depart​s​.

​”​Everything from that space will be moving with us​,” he said​. ​”​Proper preparation (​the ​6 ​Ps) in anticipation for the move, then get after it one right, seamless.​”​

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