Migration Announces Maple Barleywine Release

Migration Brewing released Maple Coronet Barleywine to the market on Friday, March 3. This unique American Barleywine is the latest limited release from the company’s burgeoning Migrator barrel aged series. 

The brewery partnered up with Glenna Farms of Amery, Wisconsin to secure the organic maple syrup. Aged for six months on Heaven Hill bourbon barrels; the rich, decadent beer will be available in 500ml bottles at local specialty shops around the Portland metro area. The beer will also be available on draft and in bottles at all Migration pubs.      

“We were super stoked to work with Glenna Farms on this project. They produce some of the finest organic syrup in Wisconsin and the bourbon barrels are exceptional,” said Mike Branes, co-founder and Head Brewer at Migration Brewing. “We’ve been pushing the brewery team to work with a wide variety of ingredients and this beer really came together over a ton of excitement to approach a classic American Barleywine differently,” notes Branes.

The Maple Coronet Barleywine is brewed to be a complex, and slightly sweet early springtime treat. Coming in at 11% ABV the beer is crafted on a foundation of fine English Maris Otter malt which brings a nutty richness and full roundness to the beer. Three different types of caramel malts exhibit toffee and tones of cherry, plum and raisin. Maple syrup was added during the run-off of the wort, as well as during fermentation, to provide extra sugars. The maple sweetness is not overpowering and integrates into the beer without being cloyingly sweet. 

Glenna Farms was established in 1995 when Rick and Kristine Glenna purchased an 80-acre maple syrup operation from Arthur V. Olson. The century-old sugar bush is located next to a dairy farm, was well known for producing one of nature’s finest sweeteners, pure maple syrup.

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