Four Keys Announces New Visit Lenawee Ale: A Celebration of Local Flavor and Community Spirit

Four Keys Brewing is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of its latest creation, the Visit Lenawee Ale, brewed in collaboration with Visit Lenawee. This exceptional sessionable citrus wheat beer, infused with dried lemon and orange peel and crafted with Michigan-grown hops, embodies the vibrant and diverse character of Lenawee County.

The Visit Lenawee Ale will be tapped on Thursday, June 20 at Four Keys Brewing in downtown Blissfield, Michigan. Enjoy walking around downtown Blissfield with your beer utilizing the BOSS district, a movie will premier on Lane Street at dusk, and a food truck will be present.

The Visit Lenawee Ale will also be available at the following locations starting Friday, June 21:

  • Danley’s Country House (Tecumseh)
  • Chaloner’s Cigar House (Adrian)
  • Tecumseh Tavern (Tecumseh)
  • Lenawee Pride Event (Tecumseh Center for the Arts) Saturday, June 22

Visit Lenawee Ale is more than just a beer; it is a celebration of community and local craftsmanship. The partnership between Four Keys Brewing and Visit Lenawee showcases a shared commitment to promoting the rich cultural and agricultural heritage of Lenawee County.

“We are excited to partner with Visit Lenawee on this unique project,” said Four Keys Brewing Owner Ben Forche. “Our goal was to create a beer that not only tastes great but also represents the vibrant spirit of our community. Using Michigan-grown hops and adding a touch of dried lemon and orange peel has resulted in a truly special brew that we can’t wait to share with everyone.”

Visit Lenawee Ale is a sessionable citrus wheat beer with a bright, refreshing profile. The addition of dried lemon and orange peel imparts a zesty citrus aroma and flavor, perfectly balanced by the subtle bitterness of Michigan-grown hops. Its light body and crisp finish make it an ideal choice for summer gatherings and celebrations.

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