XIV Sierra Brings Unique Glass to Colorado Brewers

Brewer: Can you tell me about the background of your company? Why did you start it? How has it changed since you started it?

XIV Sierra: I am a Colorado Native and always took this state for granted. When my Dad asked me to climb my first 14’er I didn’t think much of it other than it’s a longer harder hike up a mountain. But when I reached the top something clicked… I realized that Colorado is full of beauty in all kinds of different perspectives, such as the top of a Mountain.

Once that journey to the top was completed I could look back and reflect. I then came to understand the only thing I got was a picture holding a cardboard sign. No trophy, no medal, not even a ribbon. With my love for beer and new-found appreciation for Colorado and its 14’ers I then started my project to create a line of pint glasses (Hikers Pint) to help commemorate your ascent to the summit!

I have changed in many ways since the beginning. Big and Small, from 8 revisions of business cards to 3 different websites, and multiple manufacturers trying to accomplish and perfect this glass that was designed to be earned! It’s taken me 3 years and over $25,000.00 to get me where I am today, not to mention the 7 prototypes till I finally reached my Hikers Pint.

Brewer: How has growth in the craft been industry changed the way you do business?

XIV Sierra: Colorado is second in the nation for craft breweries which has helped focus sales towards beer enthusiasts.  With the growth of the craft beer community, the focus on aroma, flavor, and appearance has grown exponentially. Therefore, the standard pint glass / shaker glass has become a thing of the past.  Which is why choosing the Tulip Shaped Pint Glass, to help accentuate their characteristics.

Brewer: What sort of clients do you work with and how do you adapt to their needs?

XIV Sierra: I am still in the beginning stages and waiting for my first order of 1000 glasses which I anticipate being available this month. The clients I am trying to reach out to are Beer enthusiasts / home brewers, Nature enthusiasts, Nature conservationists (14’ers) and of course anyone who has visited Colorado.

Brewer: Do you have a client story to share? Something that you are excited to be a part of their success?

XIV Sierra: In the future I plan to offer laser engraving on the glass for the date when they conquered their 14’er. So that not only is it a tangible memory, a trophy, but a keepsake they can use time and time again. Luckily it comes with bragging rights free of charge.

Brewer: What are you working on right now that you think is forward-thinking and going to help boost a brewery’s growth and innovation?

XIV Sierra: My thought is when you go to a local brewery/restaurant you can order a Guinness or Stella Artois and its served in their glass! Seeing as Colorado is home to so many breweries maybe it’s time to tie Colorado beer with a Colorado glass! Any brewery can advertise this glass which would give the wow factor. A patented type of glass that people haven’t seen before, which sparks interest, curiosity, and will assist in a breweries growth (along with Co-Branding).

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