Whole Hog Creates New Beer Category with ‘Double Radler’

Whole Hog Brewery, produced out of the historic Stevens Point Brewery in central Wisconsin, seizes on two opportunities with their latest summer seasonal brew. Raspberry Sorbet Double Radler not only builds on the success of other unique dessert beers in the Whole Hog brand family, but it builds a new category all its own.   Based on the success of Whole Hog’s other award-winning beers with cult followings — chiefly Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale, clocking four GABF wins, and JP’s Casper White Stout — the brewery sought to bring the same rich, pleasing sensibility to their new summer offering. According Marketing Director Julie Birrenkott, “Warm weather desserts can be pretty simple, light, and refreshing. For Whole Hog, our minds immediately went to sorbets, specifically a raspberry sorbet, and our Brewing Team got to work developing the brew and process.”
Brewmaster Mike Schraufnagel goes more in depth. “To really capture the essence of holding, smelling, and savoring a raspberry sorbet, we start with a base that has very low bitterness and allows the fruit to shine through. Then we soften it with a little bit of cane sugar, blend in ripe raspberry juice, and finish by really pushing the carbonation level. The overall effect is a ruby-tinged pour, effervescent mouthfeel, and subtly-sweet fruit flavor that delivers on the dessert’s qualities. It really doubles down on everything we like about radlers.”
About that ‘double radler’ descriptor, Brewery Operating Partner Joe Martino explains, “Our motto for Whole Hog is ‘Next Level Brews,’ which is as much about challenging ourselves as it is about communicating quality to our customers. We knew we wanted a very refreshing summer brew, but we also wanted elevated body, a rich flavor, and something new. Raspberry Sorbet is like a traditional German radler in how we brew it, but it’s twice the ABV (5.5%), twice the effervescence, and it’s in line with everything we do at Whole Hog. The end goal is that we really want folks to enjoy it on a hot day or relaxing evening…or both.”

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