Warped Wing to Launch Collab with Local Brownie Company

Your shortcut to Deliciousville is now within reach. Introducing Killer Brownie® Brown Ale. A culinary meld of craft goodness. You will get aromas of deep, rich chocolate up front. Followed up with sips of chocolate, caramel, vanilla and molasses. It’s like a brownie in liquid form. And it’s killer.

The Killer Brownie Company is owned and operated by the same family as Dorothy Lane Market. What started as one unforgettable fudge-y, gooey, double-layered brownie nestled with pecans and velvety caramel—The Original—has grown into a robust offering of gourmet brownie flavors, including seasonal additions.

“Killer Brownie is a Dayton staple and we’ve always wanted to partner with them on a beer,” said Nick Bowman, VP/Sales & Marketing and Managing Partner at Warped Wing. “This project has been a few years in the making but here we are and I’m excited to bring forth into the world our liquid version of the famous Killer Brownie.”

“The folks at Warped Wing are true masters of their craft,” said Jessica Uttinger, Director of Marketing and Creative Services at Killer Brownie®. “When we began discussing a collaboration in 2019, it was immediately clear—they would create a brew that mirrors the decadence Killer Brownie® is known for. Their commitment to quality is matched only by their love of community, which made them ideal partners to work with. Gathering people together to share joyful moments over food and drink is something they’ve long been known for, and it’s an honor to have the Killer Brownie® name on one of their cans.”

Killer Brownie Brown Ale will launch in the Dayton & Springboro Taprooms on Thursday, February 3 — just ahead of Valentine’s Day. It will also be available at Warped Wing’s new Taproom location opening on Friday, February 4 in Mason, Ohio.

The beer will be available on draught for on-site consumption and in 6-pack 12 oz. cans to go. Custom branded glasses will be available for purchase in the Warped Wing Taprooms (while supplies last) to make for an unforgettable and commemorative experience.

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