Urban Artifact Get Real with Year Round Fruit Tart Seltzer Launch

After a successful year of limited-releases, Urban Artifact announces the year-round release of their Fruit Tart Seltzers. Focused on using only real fruit, each Fruit Tart Seltzer showcases what seltzer should be: delicious and uncompromisingly real, with no flavorings or sweeteners. 

Available now are Cranberry & Grape, Orange Creamsicle, and a Variety Pack also offering Black Cherry and Strawberry & Lemon. The Fruit Tart Seltzers will be available all year at Urban Artifact’s taproom as well as alcohol retailers across their distribution footprint.

Urban Artifact has focused on brewing world-class Fruit Tarts since 2015, showcasing their signature beer style – the Midwest Fruit Tart.

They dove headfirst into the fruit niche, now using more real fruit than any other brewery in the world. The brewery resides in Cincinnati’s Northside neighborhood; operating out of the historic St. Patrick’s church facility with a taproom, event space, live music venue, and radio station.

The brewery is focused specifically on owning the fruit beer/seltzer market – offering retail distribution in 12 states and shipping direct to 10. Urban Artifact exists to reward the curious – offering everyone the opportunity to explore perfectly balanced beer and seltzer that can be made only with real fruit.

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