The World’s Most Expensive Beer to Brew Returns for Urban Artifact

Astronaut Food, the world’s most expensive beer to brew, is returning to earth-orbit, carrying the largest payload of strawberries ever to be used in an alcoholic drink. The 2024 launch of Astronaut Food features over 1,000 pounds of freeze dried real strawberries. This is the equivalent of over 9,200 lbs of fresh whole strawberries for a single batch, or 16 whole strawwberries per 8oz can! The out-of-this-world feat is only possible with pioneering brewing techniques and advanced subfreezing-vacuum fruit dehydration technology.

The Freeze Dried Fruit Tarts that Urban Artifact makes, lovingly called “Astronaut Food”, were born out of our team’s natural curiosity. We’ve long pushed past traditional boundaries for fruit beers, and continually ask big questions like: “How could we possibly put any more fruit into our beers?”. It became a challenge for our team to crack this puzzle. After all, if you keep adding more and more fresh fruit to your beer, at a certain point your actually adding more water than fruit flavor, which only acts to dilute the characteristics we love about our Fruit Tarts. So we find ourselves at the tail end of a long night of brainstorming and with more than a couple Fruit Tart’s to wet the mind’s whistle, the answer came to us in a flash: Freeze Dried Fruit. The only way to possibly get more fruit into our products, without diluting them, was to add fruit that has had the water removed! Two years of research and development later, the Astronaut Food line of fruit tarts was born. 

Our 2024 release, Astronaut Food Strawberry, is the fourth annual iteration of this liquid treat. A velvety-smooth texture invokes the flavor of strawberry wine, with the heady 15% nearly hidden behind the fruit intensity. Enjoy after a nice meal, with a good book, or the next time you get the urge to fire up old episodes of Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos”. This beer only comes around once a year, so make sure you dont miss out and snag yours before it’s too late. 

Astronaut Food: Strawberry is 15% alc/vol, and available in four packs of 8-oz cans in limited quantities wherever Urban Artifact products are sold, beginning February 26, 2024.

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