Test Your Mettle with Urban Artifact’s Trick or Treat Hard Seltzer

Trick or Treat! With a gaggle of cryptids in tow, Urban Artifact is kicking off the Halloween season with the Trick or Treat Hard Seltzer. Are you brave enough to take the plunge and see what mysterious flavors lie in wait?

“The idea started originally as a fun way for UA to dress up for Halloween,” says Bret Kollmann Baker, the brewery’s Chief of Brewing Operations. He points to a can with an illustration of the Mothman on it and smiles, “Will Mothman taste like blue raspberry or toothpaste? Either way, it’s perfect for sharing. Bring some to a Halloween party, or just sit at home getting weird with your friends.”

Each 6-pack will drop six mystery flavors — two tricks and four treats — into your candy bucket, and you’ll have to pick some up for yourself to see what’s in store.

That call of the unknown is what draws people to the Trick or Treat Hard Seltzers; every 6-pack boasts six unique flavors, each adorned with their own cryptozoological creature.

“I couldn’t be more excited,” says Scotty Hunter, the brewery’s CFO, “to finally bring this Trick or Treat concept to the larger market. It is something we have honed with small on-site releases over the years and now we get to share it with a larger audience.”

Sure to be a wild experience, if not an entirely tasty one. We can’t help but ask if the Chupacabra will taste like chocolate? Or maybe fresh-cut grass? We’ll find out when the cryptids release upon the world.

Trick or Treat Hard Seltzer will be available starting the week of August 15. It will be available at Kroger, ABC Liquor, Meijer, Giant Eagle, Heinen’s, Liquor Barn, Buehler’s, Acme Fresh Market, and other retailers across 15 states; and at Urban Artifact’s taproom and online store.

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