Stem Ciders Releases Carrot Ginger Turmeric & Leaves Ciders

As an ingredient-first cidery, Stem Ciders continuously draws inspiration from the fresh, all-natural fruits, plants, herbs, and spices available from our own gardens and kitchen pantries. Such is the case with Stem Ciders’ newest upcoming Botanical cider releases, Leaves and Carrot Ginger Turmeric.

Both of these new cider entries ring in at only 100 calories and zero grams of sugar per 12oz serving and anchor the launch of a new, better-for-you beverage series focused on highlighting botanical ingredients.

Building on the success of Stem’s most recent cocktail-inspired cider releases in Lava Flow and Paloma, Leaves channels flavors found in a classic Arnold Palmer. In order to recreate this complex flavor profile, Stem Ciders teamed up with Colorado’s Teatulia Organic Teas to source a medley of award-winning teas and herbs. Leaves features Oolong tea sourced from Teatulia’s Bangledeshi gardens, Chinese Black Fanning tea, and hand-picked organic Lemongrass.

“We are thrilled to partner with Stem Ciders on such a unique and quality-driven collaboration such as Leaves,” said Chris Olsen, Chief Business Development Officer for Teatulia. “Great things happen when like-minded companies innovate together, and in this case, the result is pure deliciousness!”

To further impart a citrusy profile with a rounded sweet finish, Leaves includes lemon verbena and stevia leaf layered on top of Stem’s dry cider base. The result is an earthy, tart, citrus-forward cider with a clean, refreshing, sweet finish.

The next entry in the new Botanical Cider series is aimed to provide drinkers a refreshing low-calorie cider option to get your “fruits & roots” in a convenient can package.

Carrot Ginger Turmeric includes carrot juice, ginger juice, and turmeric spice- ingredients found in popular healthy juice combinations. This botanical blend of juices is joined by Stem’s meticulously fermented dry cider base resulting in an incredibly refreshing apple cider featuring carrot sweetness, earthy & spicy turmeric, and a zing of ginger.

“Our new botanical cider series was designed as a way for us to explore new boundaries of cider and how it relates to better-for-you beverages,” explains Patrick Combs, Director of Innovation and Quality for Stem Ciders. “We’re continuing to experiment with other botanicals and hope to expand the series by utilizing functional ingredients in a very flavorful way.”

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