SouthNorte Releases 2 Sea-Inspired Innovations Just In Time For Fall

Sea-Reina: dark lager with subtle flavors of chocolate and caramel

The fresh fall beers have arrived as the hot summer months come to an end. Inspired by the flavors of Mexico and authentically crafted in the US, award-winning brewery SouthNorte Beer Co. released two new innovations just in time for the fall season: Sea-Reina and Sea Chelada. Adding to SouthNorte’s authentic, flavorful beer selection, Sea-Reina and Sea Chelada deliver the ultimate crafted experience for beer aficionados. 

Sea-Reina: dark lager with subtle flavors of chocolate and caramel
Sea-Reina: dark lager with subtle flavors of chocolate and caramel

Sea-Reina is the perfect, clean, crisp, dark lager that everyone craves during this season. Not quite black, but a deep dark mahogany colored lager, Sea-Reina takes many notes from SouthNorte’s flagship lager, the classic Sea Señor. This lager has a bit of depth with its tasty sweetness of a caramel malt and a hint of chocolate that makes for easy drinking.

Meanwhile, the Sea Chelada Michelada takes a natural tomato puree, lime and SouthNorte’s Sea Señor lager to create an authentic Michelada anyone can enjoy. The Sea Chelada contains a hint of spice and sea salt combining natural ingredients to elevate it while staying true to the classic Mexican drink.

The debut of these product innovations come on the heels of SouthNorte recently placing for the third time at the 2021 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) making it SouthNorte’s second bronze medal in the specialty beer category for its Agavemente Hibiscus Lager that celebrates the blending of cultures by infusing a traditional pilsner with Mexican agave syrup and hibiscus. Playing on traditional agua de jamaica (hibiscus in English), Agavemente brings a playful, refreshing twist to beer.

“All good things come in threes,” said Ryan Brooks, Brewmaster and Founder, SouthNorte. “As this year was GABF’s largest competition to-date, Agavamente taking home an award for the third time was a great validation for us, and it goes to show that Agavemente has the credibility to stand on its own as one of the best beers in America.”

With the release of the two new flavors and the GABF win, SouthNorte is ready to continue to explore new innovations for beer explorers to continue to discover new flavors of Mexico that will provide the ultimate authentic experience.

“Since the brewery’s inception, Ryan has shaped and meticulously crafted SouthNorte’s portfolio to reflect the taste of what he experiences when he’s in Mexico – authentic, amazing flavor combinations and unique ingredients crafted with respect and brewed with the highest quality,” said Paul Cummins, President, SouthNorte Beer Co. “Sea-Reina and Sea Chelada are the latest testaments to that winning strategy, sparking a new chapter in innovation for the brewery. As we continue to focus on growth and expansion, I’m confident that our team’s commitment to authentically deliver premium crafted experiences poised to satisfy consumers’ ‘thirst’ for discovery, will continue to inspire future medal momentum.”

Sea-Reina and Sea Chelada are now available in selected stores across Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego and Arizona. Check out SouthNorte’s website for more information:

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