Silver Moon Announces Year 10 of Annual ‘FCancer’ Campaign

Silver Moon Brewing proudly announces the launch of its tenth annual ‘FCancer’ campaign, marking a decade of relentless dedication to combating cancer and supporting affected communities. The innovative cause marketing campaign “celebrates the positive f-words associated with cancer”, and highlights words such as Family, Friends, Fight, Fortitude and Fundraising.

The power of the campaign lies in the ability of the public to sponsor the name of a cancer fighter in their life to appear on the annual labels. In all, there are hundreds of names that grace the cans, which exhibit a new artistic design each year, and are released each June to align with National Cancer Survivor Month. This milestone year sees Silver Moon Brewing collaborating with 2Towns Ciderhouse, introducing a unique cider product to the campaign for the first time. Additionally, the brewery has partnered with Crux Fermentation Project to offer a non-alcoholic beer option, ensuring inclusivity for all supporters across three beverage options.

The campaign, known for its innovative approach, has garnered widespread recognition over the past nine years, providing not only a fundraising platform for nonprofit beneficiaries, but also a source of empowerment to cancer fighters and the friends and families of those we’ve lost to the disease. To date, the campaign has raised over $700,000, supporting numerous non-profit organizations across the country in their fight against cancer.

“We are excited to embark on our tenth year of the ‘FCancer’ campaign, a testament to our commitment to making a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer,” said James Watts, Co-Owner of Silver Moon Brewing. “Our partnerships with 2Towns Ciderhouse and Crux Fermentation Project represent a significant step forward in broadening our impact and reaching even more individuals in need.”

All three offerings are available through Columbia Distributing in their shared home state of Oregon, and a network of additional distributors in a number of additional states. The 2024 campaign will provide financial support to over 20 non-profit beneficiaries nationwide, providing vital resources and assistance to those battling cancer and their families.

For more information about Silver Moon Brewing and to submit a name to this year’s FCancer campaign, visit

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