Roscoe Brewing Company Brings Self-Service Beer to Trout Town USA

roscoe brewing company

In a town that’s steeped in fishing history, dating back more than 150 years, it is safe to say that a fair amount of beer has been consumed while fishing on its picturesque streams and creeks. Not until April 2013 could those visiting Trout Town, USA have the luxury of consuming a beer brewed in the very town they were visiting. Local beers are rightfully named after fresh catches one would find while casting a fly down any one of the neighboring streams. American Amber Ale and Rainbow Red Ale are just a few of the beers that pay tribute to their fishing heritage.

In late 2014, the team at Roscoe Brewing Company realized they needed to expand to keep up with customer demand. This expansion also meant doubling the size of their tasting room and adding self-serve taps. Founder and Owner Phil Valone commented, “We wanted to give our guests a place to gather and get a true taste for what our region has to offer when it comes to craft beer.” Adding a section where guests could pour and taste Roscoe’s beers fit perfectly into the build out, so Phil called on the most experienced team in the industry to make this a reality. The Founder of PourMyBeer, Josh Goodman, commented on this project, “This isn’t the first brewery we’ve worked with, we have 6 more tasting room projects with brewery’s in Q3 alone. I can’t think of a better setup for self-serve beer systems. People come to taste a variety of craft beers brewed literally a few feet from the taps that dispense the beer. Our technology allows for tasting and sampling to be done in a controlled and responsible way.” Each tap is outfitted with an HD screen explaining all the specifics about the beer and it is also giving the customer instant feedback on how much they’ve poured as well as when their card has reached it’s limit.

The renovations have brought a lot of new and curious visitors through our doors. Head Brewer, Josh Hughes (‘Kid’ as the locals call him), commented, “Our guests really like the opportunity to pour and taste what they want from the PourMyBeer wall. It’s really easy to use for them and even easier for us to manage it. The PourMyBeer team was great to work with really came through on this project.”

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