Offset Ciderworks Launches in Seattle Area

A new cider company is coming to the Seattle area. Offset Ciderworks is set to launch 8/15 with its flagship Off Dry in cans and kegs. Made in Washington with 100% Washington fruit, Offset uses a blend of apples and pears to create world-class off-dry offerings with no sugar added.

During the development stage, Offset won numerous awards for its cider, from a gold at Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition–the nation’s largest cider competition–to a double gold from Sip Magazine’s “Best of the NW.” “Performing so well at these competitions made me realize that this dream I’d been working on for years was close to becoming a reality,” said Adam Pinkham, founder of Offset Ciderworks. “I’m excited for everyone to experience the final product, which is the culmination of many early trial batches.”

The idea for Offset started over three years ago in Pinkham’s hometown of Edmonds, WA. Since then, he has been perfecting recipes and raising capital to get the company off the ground. Adam has a long pedigree in the NW craft beverage scene, having worked at Two Beers, Seattle Cider, and Locust Cider.

Cider is made from apples, perry is made from pears; Offset blends the two traditions by using both apple and pear as the base for all of its ciders. Pear contains citric acid, which is softer than the malic acid found in apples, and contains some unfermentable sugars, so Offset can produce balanced, full-flavored ciders that contain a touch of sweetness without having to rely on added sugars.

At launch Off Dry will be self-distributed to Seattle-area bars, restaurants, and grocers and available to purchase in six-pack cans and kegs, both half and sixth barrel.

Off Dry (6.5% ABV): “Find balance with our off-dry cider, crafted from a blend of Washington-grown apples and pears. With no added sugar, a light refreshing body, and smooth finish, it’s the perfect way to offset your busy day.”

Additional ciders will be announced later in the year.

“Washington is the heart of the nation’s apple and pear production–and as a proud Washingtonian, I’m thrilled to finally get my ciders on shelves, on taps and into the hands of cider lovers in and around Seattle,” said Pinkham.

Retailers interested in carrying Offset kegs or cans should reach out to Adam directly at [email protected]. For more information and updates, follow @Offsetciderworks on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok or visit

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