Moosehead to Launch Moosehead Radler for the first time in the U.S.


United States Beverage and Moosehead Breweries Limited will be introducing a new style into the U.S. market this spring – Moosehead Radler.  Moosehead Radler was first introduced in Saint John, New Brunswick in 2014, and successfully expanded to other Canadian markets before coming to the US.

“Moosehead is a brand that has a loyal following.  As we look to grow the brand in the US, we want to introduce styles that help expand our existing consumer base, and Radler is the brand to do that,” said Andrew Oland, CEO of Moosehead Breweries Limited.

“Consumers these days want variety.  We believe introducing Radler to the market will help attract new consumers who maybe haven’t tried Moosehead before,” added Georgia Homsany, Moosehead Brand Director at US Beverage.  “Introducing a radler style helps build Moosehead’s portfolio and set the brand up for future line extensions.”

Moosehead Radler is unique in that it’s a combination of 3 juices: grapefruit, grape, and lemon.  Additionally, Radler’s ABV is higher than most other radlers in the market.

Moosehead Radler will be distributed nationally in liquor and grocery stores as well as bars.  It will be available in cans only, and will be line priced with Moosehead Lager bottles.  Moosehead Radler will launch in March and be available year-round.  It is imported by United States Beverage, Stamford, CT.

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