Lakewood Releases ‘Big D’ as a New Staple to Lineup

Today, Lakewood Brewing announced the release of Big-D Double IPA, the permanent iteration of their popular Big D IPA rotating series that served as a testing ground for their new year-round offering.

“Last year’s Big D series was a lot of fun for us and a way to experiment with what makes great IPA’s,” said Wim Bens, President and Founder of Lakewood Brewing. “The IPA landscape is always changing, but we think that balance is key to making an IPA that people want to keep coming back to. So we created a wonderful balance of strength, hoppiness, flavor and aroma.”

Lakewood used copious amounts of a unique blend of hops, imparting big West Coast IPA hop character with a punch of tropical aroma. Notes of orange, peach, and mango ride a wave of balanced bitterness in this surprisingly drinkable 8% Double IPA.

The beer’s label features the “Big D Robot,” a nod to Dallas iconic Traveling Man, taking Big Tex and the Fair Park ferris wheel for a stroll. Bens added, “I might be biased, but this is the best IPA we’ve come out with so far and it’s a perfect way to start celebrating our 10 years in beer! We have a lot us surprises in store for this year. I can’t wait!”

Lakewood will be releasing a bevy of new and limited release beers to celebrate their decade of decadence.

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