Lakewood Big D IPA #002 Now Available Across Texas

The Big D IPA series is back and we’re proud to unleash Big D IPA #002 in all its glory.

“My goal was to brew a beer for, honestly, me!” said Justin Hatley, Innovation Brewer at LBC. “As a huge fan, I wanted to find the best of both worlds when it comes to IPAs, bridging the gap from the traditional New-England style hazy with its strong fruit forward flavor, and the West-Coast tradition of crisp, bitter dankness. Big D IPA#002 is the perfect marriage of both, complimenting instead of compromising on the vision of each!”

Liberally double dry hopped with Lotus, Azacca, and Sultana hops, this beer socks you in the nose with notes of orange zest, caramelized pineapple, and fresh vanilla before morphing into a bright, crisp mouthful of lupulin-laced nirvana. Clocking in at 8% ABV but still remarkably refreshing and quaffable, Big D IPA #2 is part of Lakewood Brewing’s ongoing commitment to produce Seriously Fun Beers for everyone’s tastebuds.

This deliciously vibrant IPA is sure to please fans from West to East to right here in-between. It’s currently available statewide in 4-pack cans and on draft wherever craft beer is sold.

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