Industry Veterans Set to Open Mythmaker in Fort Colins

Black Bottle Brewery Head Brewer Tom Moseman, an award-winning commercial brewer from Long Island, NY who has spent the past nine years at Black Bottle, began planning to open his own brewery in 2016. In 2020, he found a business partner in Sarah Barlow, an industry savvy front-of-house professional who managed tap rooms at Fort Collins Brewery, Snowbank Brewing and worked operations at Red Truck Beer Company.

This dynamic duo, with their combined 25 years of experience in beer and hospitality, plan to open Mythmaker Brewing this spring at McClellan’s Brewing’s former space with the support of their local beer community. 

“The Fort Collins beer community is truly special because we’re all working toward our shared passion for beer and sharing creative ways to brew and serve it,” says Mythmaker Co-Owner and Head Brewer Tom Moseman. “Shortly after we started business planning, owners of local breweries offered their help in any way they could. We had brewery friends look over our first draft of our business plan, offer advice on finding investments, advice on permits, offers to purchase used equipment, and even offers to split freight on some larger orders.”

As a nod to an industry born out of tradition and innovation, Mythmaker Brewing seeks to create its own mythical journey, pulling from the traditions of the past as well as the experimentation of the present to represent craft beer as it evolves into the future. Along with a few year-round offerings, the brewery will provide an ever-evolving tap list of well-balanced beers, ranging from tried-and-true favorites such as Brown Ales and Hazy IPAs to more obscure styles, such as Lichtenhainer, a historical German Smoked Sour Ale from their 7-barrel brewhouse.

With a good variety of recipes already in development, Mythmaker will ramp up to 14 taps that will eventually expand out to more than 20. There will be an element of spontaneity with beer releases, including releasing beers mid-shift and at random; those lucky enough to be present during these tappings will receive a complimentary taster and tasting card with information about the beer and an area for feedback. 

In addition to multiple tappings at any given time, the community-minded brewery plans to partner with local charities, inviting those charities to design and brew a beer together, with a portion of proceeds from that beer going back to the charity. The taproom itself will feature local artwork, host delicious food trucks, and provide an inclusive and relaxed atmosphere for people of all walks of life.

“My passion for this industry is truly the connection to the community,” says Mythmaker Co-Owner and Operations Manager Sarah Barlow. “I really love the way beer brings people together—be it old friends, a first date, or an entire community coming together for a family in need. I’ve seen it all throughout my years and I really can’t wait to continue to be a part of that.”

While Moseman is currently brewing at Black Bottle, he will transition to his new brewery for their tentatively planned spring launch. Mythmaker has launched a kickstarter fund, which includes incentives such as merchandise and an opportunity to host a private event, to help get the brewery off the ground. 

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