Hopworks releases Fresh Hop Abominable Winter Ale plus 2 other Fresh Hop Beers with local, Salmon-Safe Goschie Farms Hops

Hopworks Urban Brewery has released three new fresh hop beers this season: Fresh Hop Abominable Winter Ale, Fresh Hop Ace of Spades Imperial IPA, and Fresh Hop Singing Bird Hazy IPA.

Perfectly planned for the changing seasons, Fresh Hop Abominable stays true to its namesake, but with an addition of dry hopped fresh Centennial hops, juicy notes of pine permeate to create a perfect PNW fresh hop ale. Fresh Hop Ace of Spades and Singing Bird are brewed with fresh Strata hops, lending these beers beautiful, dank citrus notes. With each beer being made with Salmon-Safe hops, it’s a fresh hop season that consumers can feel good about every time they crack open another can.
“We are so stoked on bringing Fresh Hop Abom to this year’s fresh hop season,” said Matt Speckenbach, Head Brewer. “We worked with Goschie Farms in Silverton, Oregon, to get a beautiful 500 pounds of fresh Centennial hops and literally dry hopped them into this beer hours after picking them up from the farm.”
Partnering with Goschie Farms, which grows Salmon-Safe hops, Hopworks also produced a short video that can be viewed on YouTube, entitled “The Abominable Fresh Hop,” exploring the fresh hop phenomenon and the beers produced for this year’s season.

“We can’t get enough Fresh Hop Abom here. We’ve been sipping so much of it the last week of August, I’m surprised any of this beer is making it to market!” laughed Christian Ettinger, Hopworks’ Founder and Brewmaster.

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