FILTEC Gives Customers a Path to Upgrade for Outdated Inspection Systems

FILTEC, a leader in food, beverage, and customer goods inspection solutions, today announces an offer for customers running legacy systems on bottling and canning lines.

Customers that currently use FILTEC fill level, filler management, or case inspector systems can add the INTELLECT smart inspection platform for 10% off through the end of April 2022.

Adding INTELLECT to a production line has many benefits, including:

  • It replaces the legacy, limited-character LCD screen with a 19″ touch screen color interface
  • Inspection capabilities can be extended in a modular fashion from a single point on the line
  • Customers can perform quantitative analysis on their line and pinpoint malfunctioning equipment
  • It adds OPCUA and wireless capabilities that support digital transformation and lloT (Industrial Internet of Things) goals

Additionally, FILTEC is offering free ethernet-based remote connectivity to companies that upgrade their FILTEC systems before the offer’s deadline.

“By upgrading to INTELLECT, our customers can take advantage of a whole world of inspection possibilities, in an incredibly compact and affordable way,” states FILTEC Chief Commercial Officer, Matthew Trowbridge. “This offer gives customers an upgrade path where new inspection capabilities can be added modularly, with a low footprint and for a fraction of the price of other inspection solutions.”

“Customers running on older FILTEC systems can now extend and future-proof their bottling and canning lines by adding additional inspection capabilities – including closure, label or pressure inspection – from a single point on their line,” says FILTEC CEO James Kearbey. “By adding a smart platform with connectivity and the ability to analyze line performance, the return on investment is incredible. Waste decreases and the entire downstream benefits.”

Customers can take advantage of this offer by visiting


FILTEC is the global leader for in-line container inspection technology and solutions. Our inspection solutions for aluminum cans, glass, PET, and full packs include fill level, label, and empty can and bottle inspection. FILTEC increases the efficiency of your production line while protecting your brand integrity. For more information, please visit

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