Figueroa Mountain Debuts New Packaging, Branding, Beers

The family-owned brewery that is known for their hand-drawn artwork, nostalgic logos and landmark-inspired beer brands now has a new look. Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company will debut a complete rebrand this month with brand new packaging, new logos and newly packaged beers. Consumers will start to see new main brand logos featuring the signature, nostalgic style of Figueroa Mountain with a cleaner, more mature look. Packaging art now focuses on the core art elements with more of a focus on the inspiration behind the beer with fewer graphic flourishes.

“Our packaging grew as we grew over the years. With such rapid growth we were always thinking about one package at a time so it was important for us to really focus on the big picture in order to achieve consistency. We wanted to focus on the story behind the beer as well as providing the consumer with an idea of what to expect from our beers,” remarks President of Figueroa Mountain Brewing, Jaime Dietenhofer.  “For instance, with our second seasonal beer of the year, Painted Cave Guava IPA, we chose colors that represent guava so that you know exactly what to expect when you first glance at the artwork.  We spent a lot of time focused on colors to ensure that each package is recognizable and reflects the flavor profile of that beer.”
Dietenhofer first considered the idea of updating Fig’s branding and packaging in 2016 as the craft beer industry became even more competitive and shelf space even more precious. Approaching their 6th anniversary, Figueroa Mountain and Blindtiger Design, a craft focused marketing and design agency, continued their long-standing relationship by envisioning a new look. Oceania Eagan, the firm’s Creative Director and Founder, has worked closely with the Figueroa Mountain family since the brewery’s start in 2010 in the creation and design of the brand.  The original beer paintings were created by her mother, Laura Eagan.

“We knew a refresh was needed to refine the brand to reflect the maturity the company has gained as a regional brewery and reflect the changes in the increasingly competitive craft-beer market,” explains Eagan.  The idea of a rebrand hit on deep emotions for the family with Oceania’s mother having passed away 3 years ago. “It was important for us to honor my mom through this brand refresh by bringing the art forward and to continue to let her beautiful paintings tell the stories of the area which our family has such a strong connection with.”

The new packaging features a consistent look across the FigMtnBrew brand family while maintaining the distinct personality of each beer through the incorporation of the original artwork, which in many ways has become synonymous with the brand. Updated master brand graphics maintain the heritage look of the brand, while also providing more bold graphics to carry across the family. “The new look provides an open canvas to highlight the beauty in each story and painting. I know my mom will be proud to see the love she put in each and every painting continue to tell the story of Figueroa Mountain,” Eagan ponders. “She got great joy out of sharing her beauty with others. Her beauty can live on through the Fig family and community enjoying her wonderful art.”

Figueroa Mountain was able to keep the integrity of the hand-painted art labels and packaging by working with vendors that paid attention to detail.

“Saxco was pleased to be an integral partner to help Figueroa Mountain review ways to upgrade their packaging as the result of this complete rebranding effort.  Saxco offered upgraded carriers and new cartons printed with high resolution digital printing technologies to help promote the lively imagery of the re-brand,” says Mick Mitchell, Printing & Packaging Specialist, Pacific Division of Saxco International.  The cartons, such as the brand new Variety IPA pack featuring Fig Mtn Mosaic Pale Ale, Hoppy Poppy IPA, Hurricane Deck Double IPA and Lizard’s Mouth Imperial IPA, were printed by Color-Box.  Labels for all of the bottled beer including six-packs and 22-ounce bombers were printed by All American Label.

In addition to the Variety IPA 12-pack, new additions to the core line-up include 12-packs of Fig Mtn Light 12-ounce bottles and Fig Mtn Mosaic Pale Ale in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles in addition to Paradise Rd Pilsner also available in six-packs.  A new seasonal rotation of six-packs includes Zero to Sexy, a Golden Mocha Ale, now on retail shelfs in California and Arizona, Painted Cave Guava IPA releasing this summer and FigtoberFest, Figueroa Mountain’s Great American Beer Festival (GABF) award-winning beer, set to release this fall.  Fans of Figueroa can expect new draft specialties in the marketplace in addition to their 7th Anniversary ale debuting in 22-ounce bottles this November.

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