Empyrean Releases New Core Beer, SunSlinger Extra Pale Ale

Lincoln-based brewery Empyrean Brewing Co. is launching a brand-new, differentiated beer to be sold year-round. “SunSlinger Extra Pale Ale” is a low-calorie, low-carb wheat ale with refreshing lemon citrus highlights. The brew will be available on store shelves soon in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota, wherever Empyrean is sold.

With 110 calories and 4 grams of carbs, “SunSlinger” brings the same taste of a Pale Ale without the unwanted extras. Unlike Empyrean’s other core beers, this one is the lightest, designed to drink like a “summer” beer no matter the season. “SunSlinger” has a slightly hoppy flavor profile with its wheat-centered base and warm, dry-hop aromas.

Jim Engelbart, operations manager at Empyrean Brewing Co. said, “One main developmental difference with this beer was that we did many full-batch trials over the previous year to be sure we had it right. Typically, we just don’t have the time or tank space to work multiple recipe revisions. A diverse group of taste testers all agreed that this beer hits the mark for tasting amazing and not being too filling. We’re looking forward to this hitting the market for the public.”

Empyrean Brewing Co.’s core collection consists of 10 different beers. The last time the brewery released a new core beer was in 2017 with the well-known “Long Route Peanut Butter Porter.” The onset of COVID-19 in 2020 gave Empyrean the rare time and resources it needed to release its next staple. “SunSlinger” is joining the ranks among the brewery’s most popular offerings, including “Chaco Canyon Gold” and “Third Stone Brown.”

Empyrean Brewing Co. has expanded into seven states since its founding as the first brewpub in Nebraska in 1990. The company derives its name from the adventurous spirit of ancient civilizations and uses that philosophy to guide its new offerings. Aside from Empyrean’s core beers, it offers a line of seasonal beers and a host of specialty and limited release-beers. To learn more, visit empyreanbrewingco.com.

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