Emmeti MT 663 low level Semi Automatic Depalletizer – The Transition

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Emmeti introduces “The Transition Semi-Auto Depalletizer”, capable of being upgraded to a fully automatic depalletizer in the future, by installing an optional upgrade package when volume increases or cash flow allows.

Emmeti, now offers a traditional, efficient, value priced bulk depalletizer solution, without using a robot, giving low volume breweries, wineries, distilleries, glass decorators, and re-pack glass operations the opportunity to receive bulk glass. Emmeti realizes that operators of smaller bottling lines deserve the same advantage and cost saving benefits, of receiving bulk glass, as high volume production facilities. Bulk glass requires less space inside the delivery truck, more bottles in every bulk load than in cases, and affords bottlers the benefit of storing bottles in bulk without brand specific limitations of cased ware.

Our sweep-off depal offers bottlers, bottle decorators and re-pack operations an efficient innovative solution and a competitive edge in the market, with low total cost of ownership, flexibility to handle different bottle sizes as well as different types of containers on one system with the simplicity of operating without a robot. Plus all of Emmeti’s customer’s benefit from an unsurpassed reputation for meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations 365 / 24 / 7, since 1982.

Sequence of operation: Operator places a pallet of empty bottles in the loading position, and then removes plastic film & straps from the pallet. The operator presses a button to start the operating cycle. The depalletizer’s head comes down, captures the layer and sweeps the bottles automatically onto the table, while clamps hold the tier sheet beneath in position. The operator (s) will remove tier sheet one by one manually as well as the empty pallet. Speed is 1 layer per minute (approx. 250 bpm)

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