Embark on a Frosty Beer Adventure with Bauhaus Brew Labs’ New FROSTBOX Mixed Pack

As the amber hues of autumn give way to the crisp whites of winter, Bauhaus Brew Labs unveils its latest tribute to the season: the FROSTBOX Fall/Winter Mixed Pack. This handcrafted selection is carefully curated to warm the spirit and toast the frosted landscapes of Minnesota. The FROSTBOX collection introduces four novel brews, each a reflection of winter’s magic and merriment.

The FROSTBOX repertoire is as varied as it is flavorful, with offerings like the comforting Prague Metal Czech-Style Dark Lager (4.8% ABV, 23 IBU), the bold and robust Shadowband American Stout (6.3% ABV, 55 IBU), the smooth and inviting Bigloo Cream Ale (5.5% ABV, 18 IBU), and the vibrant Snowstopper Hazy IPA (6.0% ABV, 50 IBU).

“Minnesota’s winters are legendary, and our FROSTBOX is a crafted homage to this season,” states Matt Schwandt, President & Co-Founder of Bauhaus Brew Labs. “It’s more than a mixed pack; it’s a seasonal companion for the craft beer enthusiast. From the lighter touch of our cream ale to the heartiness of our stout, there’s a brew for every winter’s day.”

Chris Squire, Bauhaus Head Brewer, is proud of the diversity in the FROSTBOX selection. “We’re celebrating classic craft beer styles with a fresh Bauhaus twist. It’s about creating those moments of joy and camaraderie that only a perfect pint in a cozy setting can provide,” Squire notes.

Further setting the FROSTBOX apart is its whimsically illustrated packaging, a signature of Bauhaus Brew Labs, designed by in-house artist Kerri O’Halloran. “Our visual storytelling is as imaginative as our brewing,” says O’Halloran. “The packaging features a lively Minnesota winter landscape, peppered with playful nods to folklore and fantasy that spark curiosity and conversation.”

The FROSTBOX mixed pack will hit shelves this week in liquor stores throughout the Twin Cities and broader Minnesota regions. Select venues will also feature these seasonal specialties on tap, and the Bauhaus taproom will serve up drafts, with 6-packs available for those wishing to bring the wonder of winter home.

Experience the seasonal splendor encapsulated in every sip of the FROSTBOX mixed pack — a limited release that invites beer lovers to revel in the chill of the season with Bauhaus Brew Labs.

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