Devil’s Blend Coffee Porter Debuts from Walnut River

Walnut River Brewing Company is excited to announce its October release: Devil’s Blend.

Devil’s Blend is the meeting of the world’s two favorite brews – coffee and beer. Dark, roasty and medium-bodied, Devil’s Blend is made with locally roasted cold brew coffee. With a chocolatey smooth taste and a medium sweet finish, this beer is sinfully good.

“Roastiness and goodness,” said BJ Hunt, co-owner and Business Operations Director. “It’s my two favorite beverages rolled into one.”

Devil’s Blend is a beer you can take your time with and enjoy. It’s complex and very smooth. It’s the perfect beer for a cool fall evening when you’re hanging out with a group or friends, enjoying a nice meal around the dinner table, or in your favorite recliner watching the game.

“This is what the brewery smells like in the morning,” said Ben Wheeler, the Marketing Guy. “BJ has the coffee brewing and Rick [Goehring, co-owner and Head Brewer] has the beer brewing! It’s pretty crazy, but if you can imagine that smell, this beer tastes just like that.”

Devil’s Blend is actually one of two coffee beers that Walnut River Brewing Company has created. Its companion, Angel’s Blend, is a lighter beer that’s perfect for Spring and Summer. Devil’s Blend is the complementary beer that comes out for Fall and Winter. They take their names from Angel’s Food and Devil’s Food cakes.

“Devil’s Blend is a fantastically smooth porter accented with excellent, bold coffee flavor. It’s just a delicious beer,” said Jay Sanderson, Director of Sales.

Want to give it a try? Stop by the Walnut River Brewing Taproom at 111 W. Locust in El Dorado or PourHouse ICT in Wichita. Both places will have it on tap for your enjoyment!

Devil’s Blend

  • Style: Coffee Porter
  • ABV: 5.9%
  • IBU: 38

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