Deschutes Brewery Assigns Chesbay Distributing in Eastern Virginia

Deschutes Brewery announced today they will introduce their brands to the Tidewater region of Southeast Virginia, including; Norfolk, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Newport News and Williamsburg.  The brewery is partnering with Chesbay Distributing, an east coast division of the Reyes Beverage Group, headquartered in Norfolk, VA. Earlier this year, Deschutes Brewery announced that Roanoke would be the site for its future East Coast brewery location, 280 miles away from the Tidewater region.

Chesbay Distributing will launch Deschutes Brewery’s beers in six-packs and draft in early January 2017.  The brewery will launch with fan favorites; Fresh Squeezed IPA, Black Butte Porter, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale, and their Variety 12-pack.  The brewery will also roll out their newest year-round brand, which will be announced next month, for this launch.

Partnering with Chesbay Distributing will complete Deschutes’ expansion in the Commonwealth of Virginia, making Deschutes Brewery’s products available in 100 percent of the state by January 2017.

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