DC Brau Taps Rodriguez as Head Brewer

DC Brau is excited to welcome Robert Rodriguez to the brewery family as new Head Brewer, replacing Christopher Graham who departed late last month. The Colorado native comes to DC by way of Detroit, Michigan, where he most recently served as Atwater Brewery’s Operations Manager, bringing with him extensive experience overseeing all aspects of brewery operations, from grain to glass.

“We are extremely enthusiastic about bringing Rob into the fold of the DC Brau family,” says President, co-founder & Brewmaster Jeff Hancock. “He made it very clear that he has a true passion for beer, and his energy and optimism for all things beer is infectious. He has an open-minded, creative approach to recipe formulation and the technical background that combine to make him perfect to help me lead our production team here at DC Brau.”

In addition to Atwater, Rodriguez has led brewing teams at a number of breweries and brewpubs throughout this award-winning career, including Head Brewer stints at Traffic Jam and Snug Brewpub (Detroit, MI), Two Brothers Tap House & Brewery (Scottsdale, AZ), and Big Choice Brewing (Brighton, CO).

“I’m stoked to work with all the great people at DC Brau who have such great attitudes and really love what they do,” says Rodriguez. “I really got into craft beer back when it was still called ‘microbrews.’ Some hockey teammates and I would visit Old Chicago after our games, discussing what we liked & didn’t like even though we knew nothing about beer other than fizzy yellow-ish alcoholic water was not good. I attribute my taste to my dad who liked high-quality imports, and would share a swig on occasion.”

Rodriguez is a big fan of historical beers, counting malty, hop-forward Burton’s — like Brau’s recent 1857 London Burton Ale collaboration — among his favorite styles along with Utopias, malty IPAs and barrel-aged Stouts. When he’s not brewing beer or visiting other breweries, Rodriguez likes to travel with his wife, play hockey and jump out of perfectly good airplanes.

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