Compact Fermentation and Maturation Unit for Testing New Beer Samples

Czech Mini Breweries (CMB)  is a consortium of brewing  equipment manufacturers. Located in the Czech Republic, CMB has delivered brewhouses, pressure vessels, bottle & keg filling technologies or sanitation stations all around the world. Latest innovation is a compact fermentation and maturation unit for testing new beer samples.

Each unit consists of cylindrical-conical fermenters (CCFs), an integrated compact cooler and supporting frame enabling units’ mobility. The part of the FUIC are manufactured in many variations: offering a different number and volume of CCF(s) and cooler(s) of corresponding performance.


Tanks are fully equipped, insulated and cooled by water or glycol in duplicators. Each CCT includes all fittings and valves necessary for the primary and secondary fermentation (sanitable level indicator, relief and double-acting valves, sampling valve, rotary spray ball, valves for filling and draining beer and yeast including a sight glass). CCFs are equipped with 1 or 2 independent cooling zones – the number of zones depends on the size of tanks and customer requirements.

Compact water-glycol coolers are selected according to the performance requirements (from 1 to 4 coolers per unit). Each cooler is equipped with electronic control and a pump that turns off when none of the tanks currently requires cooling. The cooler is also equipped with ice water (or glycol) storage tank. If a coolant is cooled to required temperature, the coolant compressor shuts off automatically. Thus cooler does not work permanently, but only when it is necessary.

Every unit includes digital thermostats for precise temperature measurement. Required temperature is controlled independently in each cooling zone and the thermostat displays current and required temperature. On special customer request, CMB can equip the unit with a programmable electronic system featuring a temperature schedule for up to 100 days.

Compact fermentation and maturation unit  is an ideal solution for testing new beer samples: easy to install and operate, available in multiple variations, compact plug & brew device.

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