Chuckanut Releases Italian Pilsner

After being invited to take part in two Pils & Love Festivals north of Milan, Italy at Birrificio Italiano and drinking Italian style Pilsner Chuckanut Brewery has brewed its own Italian Style Pilsner. This is the second batch of this unique Pilsner Chuckanut has created.

The first batch was made for Chuck’s Hop Shop in Seattle in 2019. Since that time Italian Style Pilsner has become an up and coming style of beer popular in the northwest.

The Chuckanut Brewery rendition uses pilsner malt to lay down a backbone that delivers graininess and a light malt sweetness. But the stars of this pilsner are the Nobel hops used for a clean bitterness and those dry-hopped for flavor and aroma. This is a German style pilsner on steroids!

A highly drinkable lager with huge notes of spicy and herbal hops. Chuckanut Italian Style Pilsner goes great with oysters, seafood and really anything. It’s best just by itself, cheers!

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