Capital Brewery Introduce Fishin’ in the Dark Beer

Fishin’ in the Dark was created by Ashley Kinart, Assistant Brewer at Capital Brewery. She

has been working at the Brewery for 2 years and was motivated to create an unique Imperial


‘In the middle of this terribly long Winter I had this day dream that I was canoing down the

Wisconsin River with my boyfriend and we stopped on a sand bar to do some fishing. It was

late in the day and we made our last cast while the sun was setting. We started humming the

tune to “Fishin’ in the Dark” and the idea just popped in my head,’ said Kinart. ‘That night I

though about what a beer with the same name would taste like, and the next day I pitched it to

Brew Master, Brian Destree.’

The beer is traditional German style with a unique Capital Brewery spin. Fishin’ in the Dark

will make it’s debut in the Capital Brewery Beer Garden on May 31, just in time for Burgers

and Brews event at the Capital Brewery Beer Garden.

It is available in kegs and 4 pack 12oz bottles.

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