Are Craft Breweries Overcrowding?

Just in time for the Fourth of July, decided to touch on the growth of the beer industry in America, referring to it as a “beer renaissance.” The site reported that 48 out of 50 states saw growth in craft beer last year.

Not only are we seeing craft breweries growing faster than ever, but also we are seeing individuals in big and small towns across the U.S. brewing their own beer — homebrews.

However, what the article is leaning on is an oversaturation of craft breweries in the market. It identifies the Indianapolis Star, which suggests that Indiana, the number 14 ranked state in terms of craft breweries in 2012, which also saw a growth of 27 percent last year, could become overcrowded. The Star article states: “With about 60 Indiana craft breweries already saturating the market, triple the number from four years ago, breaking into the scene is only getting tougher.”

Regardless of the reasoning of growth, it’s clear that craft breweries have become a hot commodity for beer drinkers. That’s not to say that the domestic regulars aren’t also doing well, but craft breweries have found a niche palate.

What this probably means for the U.S. beer consumer isn’t that the market will crash, but rather that brewers will have to work twice as hard to develop quality, unique beverages to keep customers returning.

For more information on the growth and change in the brew industry, feel free to read the entire article at Or, just go enjoy another craft brew.

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