Angry Orchard Launches New Light Hard Cider

To celebrate the launch of its NEW Crisp Light, Angry Orchard is helping lucky spring breakers ”Travel Light” by eliminating the hassle of hauling alcohol in their luggage with a chance to win a fully stocked beverage fridge at their spring break destination, so they can drop their bags at the door and get the party started light…er, right.

BYOB is a surefire way to save time and money while spring breaking, but jamming cans and bottles into back seats or travel bags on the way to your destination can weigh you down and be a total buzzkill. A recent Angry Orchard survey[1] found that more than 40 million Americans[2] have packed alcohol beverages in their luggage when going on spring break, commonly to save time (49%) or money (71%), with more than two thirds (69%) wishing they didn’t have to. Angry Orchard, the nation’s leading hard cider maker, is stepping in to help: the days of schlepping a week’s worth of drinks to vacation destinations are officially over.

Angry Orchard Crisp Light is the newest addition to the Crisp Apple lineup, making a big splash as the perfect day-drinking cider for its lighter taste and profile, now available in 12oz. six-pack cans. With just 6 grams of sugar and 120 calories per 12 oz. serving at 4.3% ABV, each and every can of Crisp Light has that same delicious crisp apple flavor Angry Orchard drinkers know and love, now with fewer grams of sugar and calories, and with a slightly less sweet finish. The end result? A light cider that’s crazy refreshing, wildly drinkable, and still plenty Angry. So whether you’re at the pregame, beach, bar or any other moment when you’re rockin’ a can in hand, Crisp Light is the ultimate choice for this Spring Break and beyond.

By commenting on Angry Orchard’s launch post via Instagram or Twitter with “Help us #AngryOrchardTravelLight to <insert destination> with @AngryOrchard,” drinkers will have a chance to win a week’s supply of Crisp Light in the form of cold hard cash. The sweepstakes will be open from February 28 to April 4, 2024, and winners will be notified via direct message from the official @AngryOrchard social channels or by email. Click here for the complete rules and regulations.

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