Ale Asylum Announces Two New Releases for Spring

Due to a voracious appetite for keeping its consumers on their toes, Madison, Wisconsin’s Ale Asylum has not one, but two new seasonals this month: 12 oz. Curl (Pilsner) and Tripel Nova (Belgian-style Tripel).

Need help keeping ’em straight? One requires a seatbelt due to a 9.8% ABV, and the other is a brand-new release AND the brewery’s second packaged lager.

Ale Asylum says it has received frequent requests to produce a pilsner but haven’t been able to until now.

“It’s not like we were trying to be jerks or anything,” the brewery said in a newsletter release to consumers, “we just weren’t able to allocate time and tank space needed to fit one into our seasonal distribution portfolio.”

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However, the brewery made sure to make room for one this year and gave it the name 12 oz. Curl. Get it? We knew you would.

The ever-lovely and effervescent Tripel Nova is now available on draft and in 12 oz. bottle six-packs through the end of April.

“It’s straight up delish poured fresh or cellars beautifully in a cool and dark place for those special occasions when a special beer like this would be ideal,” the brewery said. “Do your pride a favor and remember that this is a great sipping beer, not a “I just had four of these and decided to run naked onto the dance floor at my cousin’s wedding” kind of beer.”

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