3 Sheeps to Release Double Barrel Wolf

Every year the team at 3 Sheeps Brewing is excited to release Double Barrel Wolf.

“It has become a favorite around the brewery and something we look forward to,” they wrote in an emailed release. “As much as we love regular Wolf, there is something special about having The Wolf age in a second barrel.”

For this vintage of The Wolf – Double Barrel, the imperial stout “The Wolf” was aged in two different bourbon barrels. First in Heaven Hill barrels and then finishing for almost a year in Blanton’s barrels. The result is a delicious brew with an incredible depth of flavor with a wonderful mix of warm bourbon, roasty notes of dark chocolate and coffee, plus flavors of vanilla, toffee and toasted marshmallow.

“Even stouts that sit in a single barrel for years don’t have the flavor and complexity that we see when we can choose two different bourbon barrels for their unique flavor qualities,” they said. “It’s one of the things that makes barrel aged beer so fun. You put a beer like The Wolf into a barrel, or in this case two, expecting what it will be like when it comes out. Sometimes it’s exactly what you envisioned, and sometimes it isn’t. This time we ended up with a beer that was even better than we expected.”

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