With OpenTab Release, Arryved Blends Technology and Human Connection

Arryved, a leading point-of-service (POS) provider for craft beverage, food and entertainment establishments, releases its latest innovative technology solution: OpenTab. OpenTab seamlessly integrates the ordering and payment experience between customer-owned mobile devices and establishment-owned POS devices. 

Tabs sync in real-time and can be accessed across guest phones, establishment POS devices and back-end inventory systems to ensure employees have access to all tabs at all times, inventory is up-to-date and guests order only what is available.

“OpenTab lets guests take ownership of their experience. They can start a tab, order and pay from a phone or from a server. They can carry a tab from the bar to the patio or to an activity,” says David Norman, CEO at Arryved. “Because tabs sync in real-time, guests can also switch between mobile-based ordering or staff interactions at any time during their experience.”

Augmenting a staff-led guest experience with supportive technology also cuts out time-consuming tasks and provides staff and business owners with the opportunity to turn their attention to customers. Arryved’s technology solutions, including OpenTab, enhance the customer experience by highlighting the personal touch of human interaction. 

“We’re changing the way a customer can interact with an establishment. Our customers tell us that service is at the forefront of what they do, and OpenTab blends the flexibility and convenience of online ordering with the importance of human connection,” says Norman. “We shouldn’t replace people with technology, we should use technology to increase the time staff spend with guests.”

To open or access their tab, guests scan a QR code that corresponds to their table or location to open the tab. As guests move about an establishment, they scan a new QR code to update their location, place orders with staff or pay their tab from anywhere, either from their phone or from any server nearby.

Arryved’s point-of-service solution focuses on mobility, simplifying solutions for customer-focused services like multiple venue management, roaming tabs, splitting and merging checks, customizable digital menus, seamless management of network outages, loyalty programs, a consumer facing touch-free payment app, and best-in-class data insights—all of which, together, create the best guest experience possible, especially in non-traditional eating environments and when food and beverage sales are paired with an activity. 

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