WEIMA Set For CBC/BrewExpo America in Nashville

Underfilled cans? Out-of-spec product? Compressing and draining filled aluminum cans in one step is possible with WEIMA!

The WEIMA E.200 drainage press offers beverage producers an efficient way to drain those cans, increasing quality control and decreasing waste. For the first time ever, this machine will be in operation at the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America!

About the WEIMA E.200 drainage press

The E.200 drainage press is the ideal solution for draining underfilled or out- of-spec product in one easy step. The rejected cans can be ejected directly into the machine’s hopper, which punctures them so the contents can be drained into its collection bin. The machine can also be hand-fed, if there are loose cans that need crushing. All rejected, out-of-spec cans are then easily compressed into Ø200mm discs for convenient recycling.

Compress your waste, save some space!

Floor space is precious in production facilities and brewhouses. Don’t waste it on gaylords of empty aluminum cans waiting to be sent to a recycler. Compressed discs of aluminum take up significantly less space than partially filled cans. Not only does this maximize valuable floor space between trips to the recycler, but it also increases the value of the aluminum due to its compressed form.

Integration into existing canning processes

The machine itself comes on lockable casters, making it effortless to install into existing operations and decreasing downtime. The labor it takes to pour out underfilled or out-of-spec cans is eliminated, allowing those employees to perform more meaningful and lucrative tasks.

Protecting the brand and the bottom line

Most importantly, it ensures that a beverage manufacturer has the utmost control over the quality of the product that goes to market. Protecting and maintaining high standards upholds a brand’s integrity with consumers. Doing this in a way that is environmental and economical is an added bonus!

The point is clear. For breweries and canning operations, WEIMA’s drainage press technology allows more time to focus on what matters most: sustainably creating a delicious, quality product.

Thirsty for more?

Come see this machine for yourself and talk to our sales team about all the ways adding a WEIMA E.200 can benefit your canning line or brewing facility! This machine will be in operation for live demonstrations throughout the show.

The Craft Brewers Conference/BrewExpo will be held in Nashville, Tennessee at the Music City Center on May 7-10, 2023. The WEIMA team can be found at Booth #2461. See you in Nashville!

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