Walla Walla-Based Mainstem Malt Welcomes New Equity Investors Through Crowdfund Campaign

Mainstem Malt has announced the launch of Mainstem For All, a crowdfunded effort to engage a growing diversity of the company’s stakeholders as shareholders, in support of their innovative mission as a craft maltster.

Mainstem Malt is the first-ever malt company to invite hundreds-if-not-thousands of folks to join their team as equity investors. This innovative effort calls to action supporters of agriculture, conservation, craft food & beverages, and beyond to put their money where their malt is.

Mainstem was born in 2014 as a market-based approach to conservation with landscape-scale ambitions. Already, co-founders Phil Neumann and Alyssa Martinez Neumann and a scrappy team are impacting management decisions on more than 30,000 acres of farmland, all by connecting family farms to conscientious distillers, brewers, and their biggest fans. Mainstem For All elevates the company’s conservation mission, and emphasizes their more comprehensive  commitment to sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Mainstem For All is live on Wefunder, where 42 investors have already pledged $40,450. Full funding would support increased malt production and sales, development of a new headquarters and Northwest malt innovation center, and early development of novel technologies that could change the way the world interacts with premium agricultural ingredients.

“Beyond Alyssa and me, there are 14 fiercely loyal households on Mainstem’s cap table. For philosophical reasons, we’ve always wanted to open the company up for an equity crowdfund campaign,” says Mainstem Malt Co-Founder Phil Neumann. “Now’s the time. We’ll be the first malt company globally to raise money like this, and It feels SO good to be underway. Our dream is to get 1000+ new investors on the team and infuse a diversity of new perspectives into the company’s growth.”

Learn more and invest at wefunder.com/mainstemmalt.

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